Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mod 53

Was digging around in the archives and found this bit of typing from March 2007 - written during my second year of college. It's brief sketches of my modmates from that year. I've changed the names, just in case any of them mind.

Let me tell you a little bit about the people I live with, my modmates.

There is Amy from London who wears little dresses with plunging necklines and a dark blue tweed coat with big buttons that cinches around the waist so that she can put stolen bagels from SAGA in the top half, accentuating her already rubenesque figure. She loves horses, dogs, and herbal remedies, and she made beeswax lip balm for everyone in the mod. She feeds Zipper the farm cat kitty treats when he comes to the door. She has a pet tortoise name The Colonel. She's currently working on her dream house, a painted bird house cottage on a slab of wood surrounded by cabbages, grass, plastic hens and dogs, and a painted blue pond. All of the People and Us Weekly magazines that are scattered around the living room are courtesy of Amy.

Her boyfriend Alex does not officially live with us, but he is here all the time. I'm not sure anyone knows where he really lives. Early in the morning on snow days when you think no one on campus would be conscious or functional you can expect to find him in the kitchen cooking something for Amy. He cooks her big breakfasts and fancy dinners. He doesn't say much, and once, to Amy's horror, he shaved his head. He's easy to see from a distance because his jacket is that neon hunter's orange and he has big clunky snow boots.

Elena lives in the room next door to Amy and she leaves every weekend to go home to New York City. She has dark hair and wears boots with dark jeans and lots of eyeliner. She rides horses, and gets sick often, and studies neuro science. She is probably one of the nicest people in the whole mod.

Also on the third floor is Cowboy Tom, who is just Tom now because he doesn't wear his cowboy hat anymore and he's also just a Pennsylvanian with a minivan. I don't think I've ever seen him use the kitchen, but every Monday night a bunch of friends come over to drink beer, eat pizza, and watch wrestling on tv. He drinks a lot of alcohol and when he is depressed he blasts Johnny Cash from his room with the door open and stomps around the house.

Bree is blonde and smokes cigarettes one after the other in her room. She has a signature giggle-laugh which is the first thing anyone notices about her. She listens to National Public Radio all the time and takes baths at midnight. The box of LIFE cereal on the top of the fridge is hers.

Meg lives next to Bree and has a boyfriend from the next town over as me. So when he comes over we talk about all the different versions of Newbury towns. Meg prizes her peanut butter, her strawberry jelly, her italian white bread, and her soymilk. She hates when the mod gets messy and is usually the one to do the dishes. She's the one who pulled the mod together in the first place, and the reason why the eight of us are in a renovated Enfield mod. I draw pictures of octopuses for her and she calles me 'love'.

On the first floor is the Matt Hurley. I say 'the' because he is the Matt Hurley who writes beat poetry and has a handle bar mustache. He wears tight pants and bright white cowboy boots and does silly little dances. He is the reason for the mod doll baby that looks like Hitler. It used to be covered in jelly and lived in the freezer. Now it's bundled up in a Bree-made swaddle, has a pipe cleaner mustache, feathers for hair, and a parrot on his shoulder. The baby might be sitting on the banister but the next time you walk up the stairs he'll suddenly be in the window.

Finally in the double is my roommate and best friend Circe and me.
Circe is a little person, short, with short curly hair that changes often and various piercings and tattoos. She makes a cave to sleep in which is a bundle of black curtains and dark gray sheets along side pictures of hello kitty or strawberry shortcake. Her wall is decorated with Escher drawings, Burlesque posters, Betty Page, and thongs. A flag for the California Republic hangs in our window. Circe's favorite food might be cashew butter, hot sauce, and cereal. And most of her clothes are either black or red or orange or camo. She makes tea five times a day and has a violin case with secret things inside. She's a burlesque dancer, a sex-toy entrepeneur, a body-modification expert, a painter, and an extremely talented writer.

We have two pet mice, Miso and Matzo. Matzo is light gray/tan and is plump and soft and tries to make babies with Miso. Miso is black with a little white stripe on her head and she does black flips to land on the wire roof of the cage and crawls around upside down with her claws. We made her a cardboard shelf that only she can get to because you have to get there from the ceiling.

And I don't know how to explain myself so I don't think that I will try. But that is my mod, and the people in it. And I like them all very much.